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Easy Shopping & Reduce your family expenses - Some tips & tricks

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

We can see drastic price hike recently which already impacted so many households. Like I gave the best ever tip to my friend “Enthutti” for reducing his monthly expense and that is - “just to control his shopping”😜lol. Just joking.

Today I am here with you to introduce some apps for our daily life usage in Malaysia and some crazy features of it which I enjoyed personally.

Now a days our daily life is running on mobile apps and e-wallets. So let me tell you some interesting facts about e-wallets in Malaysia which I am using and will be really useful for you all.

Touch & Go

As the name indicates, it was just a card which we using for so long in public transport, toll and even for shopping - just touch the card and go ahead.

Now they already have a mobile app which got millions of users already. Now let me explain you some nice as well as crazy features we are enjoying in this along with basic payment facility.

  1. We can get monthly interest if we upgrade e-wallet to GO+ (For Malaysians).

  2. For every 2nd payment in T&G, they giving us a reward which we can redeem to vouchers such as cashback in mynews, baskin Robins, cashback in touch & go itself and even lucky draws to win latest iPhone etc.

  3. Got an option “A+ Rewards” where you can get so many vouchers at discount price such as voucher for retail shops such as Mydin, KK mart, mynews, familymart, giant, food and drinks shops like tea live, iiaoiiao, kfc, food panda and even for petrol that too from 5% to 50%.


Along with payment options the additonal benefit is getting points for each transaction.

  1. They have a threshold and once you reach the point by certain number of transaction, you will be upgraded to next tier. Thus you will get priority in booking grab taxi service.

  2. Once your tier upgraded, you will get 3X point also for every transaction which can redeem and many other priority benefits too.

  3. A must use app for people who staying in Malaysia as you can use for your local travel too.

  4. I already got around 200 ringgits free shopping because of grab😎 (A guy even bought iPhone 14 with grab points😐)


5-10% cashback with many fave pay partner shops which you can use on your next payment is a great option for public to save some money to family budget.

Along with this all kind of utility payment options too.


Another app which I feel similar to fave where you can get cashback in many places like giant all have up to 20% cashback during a period of time.

And you can get points for each transaction and also shake the phone for reward offer too.

Lazada & Shopee

Top priority for people in Malaysia which they love to scroll and roll, add to chart to buy things at your finger tips which will be delivering at door step.

This can save your traveling expense for shopping too. Now you will be thinking what the heck he is saying as online shopping got delivery charges, right..? But guys, just take a look at vouchers in app and you can get your shopping at free delivery most of the time. So plan and proceed.

  1. If you purchase from same vendor through this app also will wave off delivery charges.

  2. You can get coins in each purchase which can redeem later.

These are some apps which I personally used and enjoyed the basic facilities along with some additional crazy benefits which can help us to reduce family expense and save our hard earned money.

Main highlight is that all these apps have the facilities of E-wallet with all online utility and other payment options too. But you have to choose few from this and wisely use which is best suitable and apt for you.

Start using these apps by referral code through friend (ask me😉 happy to give) which can give benefit for both of you.

Apps Link with referral:

Fave App Link:

Grab App:

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Adding my skit video which reviewing the apps completely in a funny way (Malayalam Language)

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