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Driving License Conversion | Steps to take driving license in Malaysia

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Driving already become a part of our life and most of us including myself can’t think about the situation of not driving.

Yes, today I am here to pass a vital information for those who looking for driving license in Malaysia.

If you have a valid driving license in India, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps to get your Malaysian driving license done.

In order to convert your foreign license to Malaysian license. Follow the below steps:

  1. Two application forms need to fill up (JPJ L1 -

  2. Passport, Visa photocopy & original.

  3. Company letter for employment verification.

  4. Print out of EP/DP/RPT approval given by immigration authority.

  5. Driving license photocopy & original

  6. Driving license extract original

  7. Your visa & passport must have one year validity.

You need to bring all these documents to JPJ. There you need to take a token first and wait for your turn. Later they will verify all your documents and give you a date for submission of documents (most probably after one month).

Later on the appointment date, you need to submit all these documents along with originals for verification.

Once submit, they will give you acknowledgment letter. Then you need to wait for 30 days to get the Malaysian license approval.

Follow up to this number or email them, if you haven’t get the approval even after 30 days. It will be hard to get the call but once they connect, approval in 2 days.👍🏻

Number: +603-8892 8697

Once your application approved, you just need to go to JPJ again and collect your license by paying 140RM (payment by card only) for 2 years driving license with “P” (You need to drive with P sticker on car both in front and behind).

*According to JPJ offices it may slightly vary. I prefer JPJ wangsa maju, KL.

*Only expatriates with employment pass category 1 & 2, residence pass, talent pass and MM2H holders are eligible to convert driving license.

Anything wanna know more, message me👇🏻

Like and share to those who need this information and to motivate me too😉❤️.

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