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Captain on Road side..? A pandemic comeback story in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Picture: Captain before Pandemic and after Pandemic (Another firing example for all of us to stay positive)

What we are going to see and hear today is a real life experience, a lesson. There will be a lot of people around you who fell down in 2020 due to pandemic. As the proverb says, the higher we reach, greater will be the impact of the fall. Today, our character is a man who soared into the sky and fell. And then someone who flew even harder from that fall. Captain Azrin, who has been flying the Malindo for 20 years or the man who conquered the skies that we all dreamed of when we were young. If you speak in a pure local style, the person who led a luxurious life, why he is on the road now ??? This story begins with this question..! The captain lived a very smooth life with his career until March 2019. With the onset of the corona epidemic, employment and income ceased. It was postponed for months in the hope of being able to get into work immediately. True to his word, Necessity is the mother of invention, the captain found a new way to deal with the epidemic - Captain's Corner. The captain flew confidently to his new runway with the support of his wife and wife and family, who loved to cook. The captain told the Malaysian Diaries that his wife was the reason for his success.

Instead of saying, our captain showed it.

Anyone can start a shop like this if you have cash. To the Negative people (in our local language - negativoli) who gonna question me this, I would like to tell you that this shop is just a shed, a sheer thatch shop. That too all the work is being undertaken by our captain itself from in charge of shop to cleaner and even sending his crew members (staff) safely at home. When he was dressed as the captain, he quickly attracted the attention of the people.

The only question that came to my mind when I saw the captain doing all the work there. "We who living to show the way we live instead of what we are, can we do all this without a thing called ego ??? Can we live ???" If there are those who can, I will give them a big applause.👏👏👏

In the stories told to the world by 21 Malayalee reporters with 21 confident faces from 21 countries in the 21st century through Manorama News Channel, Captain Corner, which became the new name of the firing comeback in Malaysia, became known to the world through us. The story of this simple & powerful captain has become an inspiring story for anyone. Let's add stories like this to help us overcome the obstacles of life in the days to come.

Manorama News Story Video Link: 👇

Full Story of Captain through Malaysian Diaries:👇

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