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Dependent can work in Malaysia | 10 Year Visa in Malaysia - RP Talent Corp | Golden Visa of Malaysia

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

One of the major issue facing by majority of our expatriate friends (foreigner in Malaysia) in Malaysia is that their dependent cannot work due to visa issue and also the yearly or every two year renewal of their own visa’s too.

Today we are going to get some vital information from the talk we had (Video on YouTube -> Click Here to watch) with another talented guy who got approval for his RP-Talent Corp visa for a period of 10 years.

Let’s start our conversation with a small cup of tea and big source of information. Welcome Mr. Renil on Malaysian Diary Talk with Mathai ☕️

From Right: AM, Renil Bro

Name: Renil

Occupation: Shipping & Logistics

Native: Muvattupuzha, Kerala, India

At Present: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*What is talent visa or RP Talent corp?

Resident Pass Talent (RP-T) is a 10 year visa in which we will able to work anywhere in Malaysia.

*What are the benefit of talent visa?

The main highlight is that we no need to worry about visa renewal for a period of 10 years just as same as golden visa in gulf countries. And another major benefit is that talent visa holder’s dependent will be able to work in Malaysia without any additional visa or permission.

*What are the criteria to get this visa?

In order to apply for this, we need to work in Malaysia for a period of 3 years under employment pass and we need minimum 15k MYR monthly salary.

*Do we need an agency to proceed our application?

Absolutely no. We can proceed directly through the website by submitting all the required documents and following guidelines.

*What are the documents required for RP-T?

We need to submit all our basic documents copy such as passport, visa page, visa approval, photo, past 3 years tax filing, salary slip, NOC from present company etc.

*How much is the cost for RP-T?

The application fee is 2150RM.

*Did you manage to get on first trial itself?

No. My first two application got rejected but they haven’t mentioned the reason. And finally got approval on third attempt.

Now lets’ get into Life In Malaysia Segment:

*Cost of buying a house in Malaysia for expatriate?

In order to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur, we need to invest minimum of one million ringgit.

*School fees in Malaysia?

Compared to India it’s expensive but we can’t compare everything when we are in a new place.

Monthly school fees will come around 1500-2500MYR.

*Hence you wish to be in Malaysia, let me shoot you an out-of-box question. What is your favourite food in Malaysia?

I love Malaysian foods and my favourite food in Malaysia is Nasi Lemak.

*Which is your favourite place in Malaysia?

Without a second thought Penang.

Thus we are winding up our short discussion with some good information.

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