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Attestation of document at minister of foreign affairs, Malaysia

This short blog is for those who are looking to attest your document at ministry of affairs in Malaysia.

Picture: Putrajaya

The key points to be noted:📌

Location: Wisma Putra - WP 2, Ministry of foreign affairs, Putrajaya

Cost: 10 Ringgit per document

Documents needed: ID proof (Passport/IC) and the documents to be attested.

Few steps to get your document attested📌

*Once you are at the above mentioned location you can park your car and walk to guarded gate (Definity with people queuing up).

*You need to stand in the que to get your visitor card by scanning the QR code in the counter and fill up your name, passport/IC number, phone number and select Konsular and then submit your id proof IC/Passport (I have submitted my driving license but suggesting you to keep your passport always with you).

*Once you get your visitor card enter the gate on your right side and walk to the building.

*Once you enter the building you can see a board “Kaunter Konsular” - from there turn left and then enter another room from their turn right and you can see a "Number Counter" over there.

*From the counter get your token by submitting documents to be attested.

*Enter the hall which is on your left side.

*Once you enter the hall just wait for your number turn.

*Submit the document to be attested and once done they will call you and you need to pay 10MYR per document attestation.


Don't forget to take back you passport/IC once you coming out of gate and also to return back the visitor card.

Hope this blog might help you in some point of time or your dear once's.

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(Will be uploading soon)

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