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Anwar Ibrahim has been sworn in as Malaysia's 10th Prime Minister -

(Since 24th November 2022)

Malaysia to India

**Air suvidha cancelled by government of India due to the controlled situation of covid 19.

*Needed From Singapore to India.

Public Holidays M'sia

Jan 22-23 : Chinese New Year

Feb 1: Federal Territory

Feb 6: Thaipusam

Apr 24: Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Public Holidays S'pore

Jan 23: Chinese New Year

Apr 7: Good Friday

Apr 22: Hari Raya

May 1: Labour Day

June 02: Vesak Day

Do you know...?

Malaysia is expecting 2 Million Indian tourist by 2025, says Datuk Seri Santhara (Deputy tourism minister on India visit).

7.35 lakhs tourist visited in the year 2019.

Malaysia Reopened

Tourist must bring all the documents which Malaysian government officially put forward to make your travel smooth.

Tourist visa (E visa) is only for tour, not job.

Travel Tips

Air Asia

Indigo Airlines

Srilankan Airlines

Scoot (Via Singapore)

Malindo Airlines (Batik air)


If you have a valid visa, traveling between M'sia to Singapore is possible.

Click Below:

Budget Travel



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Grab: Good to book taxi, deliver food, shopping & can redeem these points.

Touch & Go: Shopping, Daily vouchers available (2-20% discount).

Fave: 5-10% cashback.

Click here to reduce your  living cost

E-Wallet - Malaysia

RON 95 - 2.05RM

RON 97 - 4.70RM

Diesel - 2.15RM

*Only Malaysian registered car can have R95.

Petrol & Diesel Price

1 Ringgit (RM / MYR) = 18.23INR, 0.22USD, 0.31SGD

(As on 26 November, 2022)

1 Singapore Dollar (SGD) = 59.37INR, 3.26USD


Indian Food Hunt

Over 1 million tourist visited Malaysia after the reopening of borders during the period 1st April to May 31st.

Majority tourist arrived from neighboring country Singapore.

Malaysia Tourism

Send me your experiences, updates to share with everyone.

Checkout Tourist Tips:-

Click Here

Malaysian Diary - AM

Keep all required documents with you. Cross check with checklist.

Travel Tip

Climate in Malaysia is quite unpredictable when come to raining assumptions. It's always good to expect an unexpected rain ;).

"Just keep in mind".


Be Local

September 4: AMMA conducting Onam celebration musical event. Those who interested book in advance. Ticket rate is 30MYR.


Yuvan25: Live Concert

Yuva Shankar Raja Live in Malaysia. Vijay Yesudas & many artist on 16th,17th July.


Thaikudam bridge music band is performing at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 6th August.


WMF Malaysia conducting Onam celebration on 24th September 9AM onwards.

Venue: Kalamandapam Hall, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, KL

Onam Celebration 2022

Super Tips Through

To make hotlink sim active for one year got option at just 30RM - Mathew Kattady

Digi also got 30RM plan - Sheela Nair

Mobile Prepaid

To renew passport in Malaysia, you need to go to BLS office after getting appointment through phone.

Need to pay around 472RM.

Indian Passport Renewal

If you have Indian driving license, you can convert to Malaysian driving license. If you do follow up, you can get in 30 days.

MD Changz

With Indian driving license you won't be able to drive in Malaysia.

You need Malaysia driving license or else IDP.

Driving in Malaysia



Job Vacancy

Vacancy in IT who have experience in telecom field. Visa processing will be from company side.

IT - Telecom, Singapore

We have some openings in the below positions in Malaysia.

D365 CRM Developer
Dot Net Developer
IoT Technical Architect
Technical F&O Developer 


IT, Malaysia

Here is a vacancy for android developer in my friend's company, but the work location will be Penang and is a permanent position.
2-3 years experience is preferred. Candidates from India can also apply.
Please PM me for more details.

Android Developer

Restaurants started to get work permit approvals but supermarket I haven't heard yet.

Work Permit, Malaysia

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

For more details - Message Me:

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