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Luxury bus trip to Singapore @ 2200 INR Only | Singapore Travel Tips - Convenient way to fly

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Today we are going to have an awesome road trip to the future city - Singapore.

Picture: Merlion Lion, Dad-Son❤️

With my 4 and half years of vlogging experience I very well analyses that not just thousands, lakhs of people visiting Malaysia from India (7.35 lakhs Indians visited Malaysia in 2019 as per official data) but very limited number of people only visiting the nearby country Singapore.


Just because they don’t have proper information and guidance to Singapore and they thinking Singapore as a very very expensive city. But it’s time to kick-off your dreams to the future city, Let’s start a new revolution. Welcome to Singapore🇸🇬

Today I am going to share with you the experience of traveling from Malaysia to Singapore at 2200+ INR - 22$).

Let’s feel the bus travel from Malaysia to Singapore within 60 seconds👇🏻

Here you go📍

(One of the most viewed video (585k) of mine in Instagram)


  1. Get your ticket through online from aeroline website or from office at Sunway pyramid, Subang Jaya, Selangor or from TBS. (

  2. Take bus from TBS or Sunway pyramid mall.

  3. Bus will stop at JB immigration point. Get out of bus and walk to immigration in order to exit Malaysia.

  4. Continue bus journey after exiting Malaysia immigration to Tuas immigration to enter Singapore.

  5. Get down again at Tuas to enter Singapore through Singapore immigration check point.

  6. Take a bus or MRT from Tuas point (If you wanted to travel anywhere near to tuas) or else continue journey till harbour front Singapore.

**Things to be noted for Singapore travel including visa will be updating in next blog.

"FaSt" - Facts & Stories...📍

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is power📌 So let’s listen to some interesting facts about this bus travel in short.

*Aeroline double decker bus fare is 95RM.

*KL to JB 4 hours+ (Total 5 hours journey till Harbour front)

*Veg & Non-Veg food is available.

*Drinks - Coffee, Hot chocolate, Tea

*Will provide blanket, headset, 1 bottle water.

*Every seat got screen to watch movies, cartoon, music, games etc.

*Bus will stop at one point (R & R) for refreshment.

*Ticket is non refundable.

MD - Note The Point📍

*Office Location: TBS, Selangor & Sunway Pyramid Mall, Opposite to Sunway lagoon park, Selangor

*Harbour front, Singapore

Pictures: Food, Double decker view, Me with 🍎 boy

For me, the awesome feel was sitting in the double decker front seat. We were eventually flying like a bird over the beautiful Msia-Sin road❤️.

Comment your doubts, feedback, experiences and even add-on information.

Share this blog with whom you wish to perform this journey😉❤️

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MD Journey will continue…!

Watch Full Video👆🏻👆🏻


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