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Singapore Travel Tips @ Everything you need to know on Malaysia to Singapore Road Trip

Updated: Jan 16

Today we are going to talk about travel to Singapore along with the feel of traveling.

Jo pergi Jalan Jalan 😍🔥

Picture: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Road

In order to go to Singapore the main thing we need is Singapore visa. You can get your Singapore visa at 30$ cost along with service charge it may vary (agency).

Let’s get into some facts which you must keep in mind during the planing of Singapore travel itself.

“FaSt” - Facts & Stories

Below are the basic things you must have for your trip to future city. (Dated August 2023)

  1. Passport with validity

  2. Singapore Visa

  3. Two side flight or bus ticket (To & From)

  4. Accommodation confirmation

  5. Money to spend

  6. SG arrival card (through myica mobile app or website)

In this, you can register SG arrival card in few minutes by just filling up your basic details and travel details. Either through website or app you can perform this.

How to travel..???

  1. Take your bus ticket from TBS.

  2. Perform your bus journey from KL to Larkin. Then larkin to JB (Johor Bahru).

  3. Get down at JB and exit Malaysia through immigration clearance.

  4. Again get into bus and continue your journey.

  5. Get down again at Tuas or woodlands checkpoint to enter Singapore.

  6. Clear Singapore immigration and enter Singapore.

Welcome to Singapore - Enjoy your holidays❤️

Travel Journey Video👇🏻👇🏻

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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
02 de mar. de 2023

Good information


Mohamed Aneez
Mohamed Aneez
01 de dez. de 2022

Nice one!

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