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Xscape… To Nature😍 in Malaysia

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Let’s escape to nature for sometime…

Picture: Cycling at Xscape. Taken by Jaswinni.

What is this place..?

Xscape is a perfect place to escape from your usual busy routine or to escape from city life just because it’s the world of nature.

A hotel/resort with very limited number of rooms hence booking a room and availability is always a big deal, so book in advance. The cottages are available in different variants like small cottage with sit out and without, cottages with balcony and even triple story. Breakfast is included but for lunch and dinner we need to travel to town. You can order grab food or else book a barbecue set in xscape itself.

MD Photo spots: Click for Memories

Click your awesome memories not only for social media status but also as a treasure for your life❤️

"FaSt" - Facts & Stories

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is power📌 So let’s listen to some interesting facts about this place in short.

*Room rate (In MYR): it will be changing according to dates which may comes around 200 for normal rooms and 350-450 for deluxe rooms all.

*Activities rocking climbing, trekking, flying fox all available but with additional charges from 25-75 MYR.

*Swimming pool, cycling, swing available (FOC).

*Room will have refreshment drinks like 100+,Coco cola,Nescafé along with a small fridge.

*Breakfast will be chicken rice and it will be dropping at room every morning 8AM.

*Even though surrounded by forest kind of ambiance it’s opposite side is luxury lake view villa housing area.

*Duck, giant aquaria all at one side.

*Behind room got a small bridge which is another cool place to sit.

*So many monkeys that too with a special face 😃 can see over there.

*Slow calming music will be playing from morning to feel the nature.

*Xscape will be in sim light during night time as they don’t have tube, everywhere bulb and it’s there theme too.

Now let’s take a short tour visit in less than 60 seconds. Here you go…

MD - Note The Point:📌

Location: Xscape Tambun, Perak

How to reach: By car / Taxi (Around 205KMS - 2hrs+)🚖

Nearby Attractions / Facilities:📌

Place: Lost world park, hot spring

Food: Chicken rice, Nescafé

Last but not least:📌 MD Bonus Tip😉

Don't forget to sit with a relaxed mind-set to feel the beats of this place for at least 10 minutes ❤️

Feel the moment: "Along with pausing for photos in-front of photo spots, pause the beauty of the place in-front of your eyes like this to feel it yourselves to bring it to your heart as a memory forever."

Our MD journey will continue✈

*Any doubts or any tour assisatance, message me 👉🏻

*Share to your traveling partner with whom you wish to explore this place🌏✈️


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Thank you so much Aslam bro ❤️ for the sudden surprise😉

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