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Steps to take India Visa

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Today I am here again to share you my experience of taking Indian visa.

As my son and wife is malaysian citizen, I need to take visa for them to bring to India.

  1. We applied for a 6-month “entry visa,” which costs approximately 351 MYR. For those with a direct relationship with an Indian citizen, this visa is designed for spouses, children, or ancestors.

  2. In preparation for obtaining OCI, we secured a 6-month “entry visa” at a cost of 351 MYR. This visa category is specifically for individuals related to Indian citizens.

  3. If you’re not directly related to an Indian citizen, you can opt for a one-year tourist visa, which is priced at 435 MYR.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Fill up the visa form which is available in IVS website.

  2. Need to upload white background 2*2 size photo.

  3. Submit the form online and take print out of it along with that keep 2 copies of photo for submission at IVS center.

  4. Visit IVS center and take token from the reception.

  5. Submit the form along with 2 photo.

  6. Make sure all inforamtion are correct or else you cannot edit once you are in IVS. They will help you to do the form but will charge 20MYR per application.

  7. They will verify documents and then you need to pay the amount in cash. Credit card will have 1.5% and debit card will have 1% additional surcharge. Better pay by cash to save little bit money😉 I am saying bcoz I lost that percentage using card, so atleast you can save👍🏻)

  8. Currently we can submit application only until 2PM (its good to check before you proceed).

  9. Collect your document on 5th working day evening between 4 to 5.30PM.

  10. Keep your payment receipt original during collection of document.

Now all set to go India😉✌🏻Welcome to India enjoy your holidays❤️.

MD Tip: Keep atleast one copy of all your documents like passport, spouse passport, IC, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.

This will help you at some point by saving 10-20 ringgit😉

MD Tip 2: Keep 2 extra photo copies too. In IVS, OCI all 2*2 size and some places passport size photo.

This will help you to save another 20 ringgit😉

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