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Things that people who come to Malaysia do not know

Updated: May 30, 2022

Do not do this in Malaysia. Few tips to know before coming to Sayangi Malaysia.

Malaysia Truly Asia...!

With this iconic quote and also with hundreds our videos you soon going to plan to visit the beautiful Malaysia as already it's one of favorite destination of solo backpackers, newly married couples, an awesome place to hangout with your best friends and even a perfect place to have aa joyful trip with your parents. Before that here are something you need to know before coming to Malaysia.

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1. Can garbage dump in public places in Malaysia ??? While looking at the Malaysian public road, you can feel like the yard of our house because people in Malaysia use to put the garbage in waste bin. In addition, there are waste baskets in almost every place. That's why people used to follow this practice of cleanliness. So the moral of this concept is that you should follow this while you are in Malaysia.👍🏻

2. Always on left side of Escalator:

Malaysia have a one of the best public transport system in the world. And you can notice something while you are in metro stations. People should stand in the left side of escalator always. Even if you are in metro stations or you are in shopping malls, you must follow this as a best practice. As the right side portion of escalator will keep vacant for those who wanted to climb steps in escalators too (Extremely busy people) :) 👍

3. Smoking🔥

You can see many people smoking and walking like trains running in coal. But the law came out that smoking is not allowed in public places, as well as in restaurants with a fine of ten thousand ringgit for those who break the law. But the sad thing is that the law has changed again. But still don't smoke in public places which creates disturbances, trouble for others.👍

4. Taste of Malaysia🍜:

Malaysia is a hub of diverse food. In addition to Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese and hundreds of other cuisines. Malaysia has the potential to taste great especially for foodies whom love to explore.

But there are something to keep in mind when you. Since pork is haram for Muslims, Malay shops will not sell pork. Similarly, beef is not generally sold in Indian Hindu shops. But the best part is all type of food is available in Malaysia. Just for your information, as not to hurt people feeling just knowingly or unknowingly.

5. One day - with multiple weather⛈️:

The climate in Malaysia is unpredictable. You can see a very sunny morning and then with sudden rain. In short, when traveling around Malaysia, you must keep in mind that umbrellas is a must thing or else enjoying walking in rain :)✍️

6. Follow public transport rules or else ready to donate money:

You must pay attention to this when getting into metro train🚆 that means in LRT, MRT, BRT, KTM, Monorail or whatever, don't ever imagine to smoke. Even eating and drinking also not allowed. You will also find a reserved seat for adults and handicapped. It should be given to those who deserve it there. It's the law and and it's humanity😊.

7. Do we need to keep passport in hand..???

If you are a foreigner, you should always carry a passport with you when you go out. But be careful as in case if you lost passport‌ anywhere, your holidays gonna end up in nightmare days.

8. Newly married couples🤴👸

Malaysia is night life is simply superb. But when you roam around at night, you should not give a chance for robbery 👍.

9. No - you have to learn to say NO.🚫

Some of us have a more helping attitude. So with the helping mentality don't do so much of help while traveling. When you are coming to Malaysia, if someone comes and request for a help like to carry a small medicine bag, certificate bag, pickle, so and so, please tell them on the spot - A BIG NO. Without any second thought. Because, if there is anything in the package that they give, knowingly or unknowingly, that is banned by Malaysia, then it's the end of your sweet life. The same goes thing you should keep in mind while traveling to even Singapore or any other countries 🙏.

So do not stop to waste your life on good deeds.

10. Usage of Fingers👆👉

While talking about anything, pointing or using of one finger will be considered as a disrespect. For example: When someone asks you for directions, it's better to go straight and to the left with one finger, than to show with the whole hand.

11. Can I withdraw cash at night???💰

ATMs of some banks in Malaysia do not work at night. So try to withdraw cash in the morning. There is another fact too in this point as the wise thieves know pretty well that going to the ATM at night is not to food😊. So avoid cash transactions at night to avoid unwanted troubles👍

12. Alcohol is easy, though..!

Most of the people who coming from their home country is to enjoy the holidays. Better avoid Malay shops as it's haram for them. Remaining shops like common supermarkets, 7Eleven, Mynews, 99speedmart all will be serving 24/7 or till midnight at least.

13. Kissing in public💏

Most people in Malaysia come as part of their honeymoon celebrations or kind off. No matter what it is, no matter what the deal is, avoid the kissing scenes in public.

14. Malay language is everything in Malaysia✌️

One of the major problems you will face when you come to Malaysia will be the communication when you go to the local shops. Most ordinary people will only speak Malay and if you don't know any Malay words, it's good if you have a little bit acting skills to get things done, lol. The moral is that showing a picture of the thing you need or knowing the little Malay words can help make things smoother to enjoy Malaysia through local way too.

15. Metro train (LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM)

This is a warning. One thing to keep in mind while boarding any train from Malaysia Metro. The door of the train will close in 10-15 seconds. So make sure everyone who goes with the family gets on board. From the experience of Binoy brother, who visit Malaysia by watching our video.

Binoy's wife first boarded the metro with a child, then metro train (LRT) door closed before Binoy could get on with their second child. Binoy had a mobile and a Malaysian SIM in his hand. But the wife did not have a phone (naturally every family takes only one SIM), but luckily the wife got off at the next station with the child. Binoy took the next train and found them.

"This is why I use to say that everyone should always share their real experiences. Our present experience — someone else’s knowledge for tomorrow".

Share to care...❤️

16. No 24 hour train

Don't go around at night thinking that there is a metro train. Most public transportation services will end at 11.30am or earlier. Taxi service is available 24 hours a day. But if the local is not with anyone, one should be careful while hanging out with the family at night.

Video of the Malaysian Diaries that took 5 months to complete👇

Don't do this in Malaysia👇

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