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Happy Wife's Day

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Happy Wife's Day...! What is it?🤔

Every husband will be shocked to see this title. Again another day "Wife's day" as along with valentine's day, wedding anniversary, birthday this add on day going to tear my pocket again. But no need to worry at all, it's absolutely zero cost day and that too might come once in awhile with a maximum of 3-4 times in lifetime. It's simple but powerful too🔥

Let’s get to the story. It's not just a story, my own life experience story.❤️

My wife Jaswinni, who is of Malaysian descent, decided to give birth in Malaysia not only because she is familiar with the language and also home country Malaysia, but also because she has only 2 months maternity leave (work) in Malaysia. During the time we where doing the initial pregnancy check-ups in Malaysian government hospital, I got to know about an amazing system following here that, husband or mother can be in labor room at the time of delivery. I was really happy that I am lucky to be a part of my wife's delivery. AWESOME🔥..😍

I really felt a lot of joy. Anyway it really seemed like a bonus, but the truth is that I didn't think about the situation much. So days and months passed and the delivery date arrived. Malaysians no need to pay a single penny at the Malaysian government hospital for pregnancy (It was another bonus for me as I was a house husband that time-Jobless ;). We choose the semi-government hospital, the reason was that their wasn't any government hospital near to our residence. July 20 night, Jaswinni suddenly started feeling something unsual. Without second thought, me and my mother decided to go hospital, even though she didn't like to be admitted in hospital. That night and next day gone smooth as it is. But on 21st night she started feeling pain. We sitting outside pregnancy ward and I started walking like Sethuramayyar detective style (Malayalam film). For the first time in the last 9 months, I started to have horrible tension as my chest is going to explode. Until this moment, I have been told a very super cool "Yes" to those who ask me if I will be in the labor room. Still I tried to keep myself cool. Meantime, Cyril my buddy, saw my WhatsApp message and called me. Then he said, "No need of any tension, go to the labor room, sit and talk to her." Even if he is my buddy, only that moment I got to know that my chang (buddy) too was in labor room for his son Ronaldo's birth. It was another twisty energizer for me to add on my confidence and to defeat my tension with positive thoughts. But I replied to him, aliya (buddy) I can keep talking without any limit to anyone under any circumstances. But I do not know how I am going to be in this situation. Anyway I keep adding my confidence to keep myself strong.

At 10 o'clock in the morning the nurse called me and give me a form to fill up saying that I will listen to all their instructions and follow as per their guidance. Then they gave me another dress for me to wear myself and get into pregnancy/delivery room. From there our story begins...

Jaswinni pregnancy pain keep triggering her every 5-10 minutes. I keep calling the nurse. They will come, check and go back with same dialogue not yet time for delivery. Along with the tension moments, she vomit for 3 times back-to-back and I keep cleaning as I felt sad/shy to keep calling nurses for our personal things. Jaswinni who had been beating the pillow without making any noise for 2 hours told me after 12 o'clock that: "I need a pain killer, call the doctor". For time being I keep lying that doctor said the delivery gonna happen in very soon, but I was shocked to hear when she had told me that she cannot hold the pain and caesarean section is enough. I replied to Jaswinni that you have been in pain for so long since last night - was it to have a caesarean? I will call the nurse". I run to the nurse's room and somehow managed to find a nurse to our room who was busy doing something else. They looked at me and tell me that they need to take approval for pain killer and she said one more thing which make me feel completely lost that, it may take another 4-5 hours for delivery. The moment I was pretty sure that before she deliver I would fall unconscious. But whenever I fall asleep she will have a sudden scream in pain and with that, my sleep will be like flew away. So I keep lying to her in a good way that the nurse said the delivery would happen soon. Finally at 3pm the doctor, nurses all arrived and they do checking and said yes it's time (Entry of junior🔥).

Doctor told me to stand beside her head. For few seconds, I got blurred as few nurses, doctors all taking something.. Doing something. But then I make myself calm by trying to hold my emotions and grasp the scene into heart and decided to join with doctors, nurses team. Literally I was feeling the 3 idiots movie (the word "Push"). I started to tell her along with doctor. Like my chunk (buddy) friend said or more than that I keep saying non-stop like a coach motivate, a referee of kabaddi. I would say more than just saying I was commanding her to push. She was just looking at me only, neither doctor nor nurses. Listening every time whenever I say "1... 2... 3... PUSH". Thus after so many effort from her along with doctors, nurses finally he arrived - Tivaaan Arun Mathew (My Apple boy). The moment he cried I become totally silent with tears on eyes. You won't get feel of that moment by reading my experience story or listening to my story. The feelings was at it's peak. No one can hold on their tears as we seeing our baby in front of our eyes for the first time😥along with her blood. IT'S UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT. The doctor told me that everything is fine and I can leave the room for them to finish the procedure. I can't control my tears and feel shy to cry non-stop in front of those doctor-nurses. Then somehow I manage which even I don't know why I cried a lot, maybe because of happiness, I guess...

This is not a story. It is my life. My unforgettable memories. I feel to share this experience as my story just because to tell that this facility should come in our country too (India). In India, already few private hospital started. But not just that, this service should be a mandatory facility in all hospitals including every government hospital as soon as possible. I was able to know how much every woman wants this system through the words of thousands of women who commented on my video. Do not pay any single penny for this facility because when we are with the doctor and nurses, I will confidently say that their tension is reduced by half. We don't have the skill which doctors, nurses have because it's not our profession but the nurse has nothing else to fear if we are their during those hours of labor pain. Also, she followed what I said, not the doctor said. That's why I said that I become a doctor who did not study MBBS. Doctor of family or husband job.

After all this, I slowly asked her, "Would it make any difference if I was not there in pregnancy room?" She said, "I really wanted to have a normal delivery Monacha but they would have change from normal to caesarian when I keep saying to make it caesarian due to hectic pain. Right?😊.

And what we need most at this time is a support, Monacha, even if it's someone else it won't be equal to it. 100% I feel it's true.

Another thing that struck me was that without us at that time, nothing would have happened but we still hearing stories of many scary events related to pregnancy just because we were not there. So with respect to all the blessed doctors and nurses that none can replace the moment which husband can do.

The experience video was taken to for Junior Mathai to listen when he grow up, as well as for me not to forget a single moment/feel of it in future. I realized after the video that it was such a great experience which must share to everyone. I'm proud of medical system in my country and thus I think it should come to the country.

MUST COME...!!!!!!!! RIGHT???

Share you experiences, stories and also opinion about my story too in comment section below.

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