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Malaysian Train Travel - A day in train canteen❤️

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Picture: Arun Mathew traveling in train from KL Sentral to Sungkai.

Train travel in Malaysia:-

It's a must try item in Malaysia if you are planing to visit Malaysia. I have started my train travel in 2015 from Malaysia to Singapore (blog with video below👇🏻) and my this journey was from Kuala lumpur to Perak state. You can travel from the city center to village which is in Malay called Kampung. The price for traveling from Kuala lumpur to Perak is around 30 ringgit only.

"FaSt" Facts & Stories

  • You must pre book the ticket as most of the time It's full.

  • Outside food is not allowed but inside got a canteen which is one of my favourite place even though it's small.

  • Toilet facility is available and It's clean too.

  • Ipoh, Penang all are famous tourist spots to have your train journey.

Let's feel the train travel in Malaysia in just 60 seconds❤️👇🏻

Some photo clicks: Memories❤️

Last but not least:📌 MD Bonus Tip😉

Don't forget to sit with a relaxed mind-set to feel the beats of this travel for at least 10 minutes ❤️

"Along with pausing for photos in-front of photo spots, pause the beauty of the place in-front of your eyes like this to feel it yourselves to bring it to your heart as a memory forever." The feel is awesome.

Book your tickets here👇🏻

Message me for any tour assistance.

Our MD journey will continue✈

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Full train travel video on Malaysian Diaries👇🏻


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