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Dream Job in Malaysia...!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Recruitment for Malaysia Job & Visa

It is a common feel that once we are grown up, all the average people who have some qualification will have a feeling to work abroad. Even though we love to settle in our home town itself, still we will try better opportunities abroad to work for few years in order to settle our debt and come back to have a relaxed life.

So if you are a person whom eagerly looking for a job, you have a great chance here. By just paying the flight ticket, visa charge of Rs.90,000, you will now get a Malaysian visa and a job with a salary of Rs.60,000 per month. If you looking for airport job or ATM cash filling job, the cost will be 120,000Rs. But whatever it is, the cost of accommodation will be borne by the company or company will pay additional for accommodation too. If you do not get the job, the full amount will be refunded. You do not have to pay the full amount now, but you need to pay Rs.25,000 first for the application submission. This is because it will be difficult to get a visa if we didn't do booking now as people are queuing up to get the visa. So faster you pay, sooner we will apply for the visa. You won't be able to get any other way to get visa other than this. If not, I will send you a copy of my passport for a guarantee and reference. I will send you bank details, once you transfer the money please send us receipt. So we will proceed.

We will send you your company offer letter, please go through it and visa will get within 30 days.

So what do you do if you get a golden opportunity like this? Instead of telling the offer to native people who are just blaspheming about you and without telling to friends who are likely to snatch this job before you, you will faster pay the first installment even without telling to your own family too, right?

Great. That awesome decision have already taken by millions of people. By the way please listen to the name of your savior who gave you so much comfort and confidence just now - Job scam🔥

It's not something which started recently, but something I’ve been hearing for years. And would it be shocking to say that there are millions who get caught up Even he have reported through manorama news live also recently. But there are still people who giving money without knowing anything or without any second thought. Even the moment you reading this article time also the same would have been happening. Once the job seekers realized that there money lost and it was a scam, they won't tell anyone due to shyness. Still got thousands of stories with same scam issues, some came and stuck in Malaysia and some not even manage to get flight ticket at least. If still you are looking to get a job by paying cash in advance (any amount), you should give it at your own risk and you should be confident enough to get back money in case they cheat. If you know the agent personally, you can take sign from him in a stamp paper. Besides that, we can't look for any scammer here in Malaysia. It is not a big deal to make a fake offer letter. Even if we call the company also they will not say anything regarding recruitment as those things are "Confidential". I have seen many cases where the company name in company letter head misspelled and also giving Singapore company name, address instead of Malaysia and so on. So be careful and responsible in what you do. No one is going to say/explain much about this, not because we not getting any benefit but who wants to make themselves in danger..? Even I am also spending majority of time for this more than vlogging and blogging but end I'm creating enemies by eliminating someone's millions of income (through cheating others). Recently one guy message me through Facebook page saying that they lost 30 lakhs Indian rupees (20k given by 150 people), but it's already 1 year plus and don't have any details about him...

Malaysia is a beautiful country. If you are coming with a job / business visa, you can live comfortably, happily. The government and even immigration clearly saying to come legally, without paying cash any single cash. The only thing we can do is to pass this kind of vital information to all to make them understand. Beyond that I cannot fight with them like a movie star - I am also just an ordinary person like you. Watch Video👇

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