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Malaysian Malayalee in "Big Boss 3" Malayalam

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Bigg Boss Season Three in Malayalam (Kerala, India) got a participant from Malaysia. One thing most Malayalee's say about Big Boss 3 is that most of the participants in Bigg Boss Season 3 are not so popular. Similarly, most people do not even know that one of the Malaysian expatriate (Malayalee) is in Big Boss.

We always looking or follow the life of celebrities or people who become viral in social media. But I would likely to say that by following them we will not be able to get much stories or informative things as because we have nothing more to learn from the few who are famous or familiar to all of us. At the same time, you can learn a lot from those people who are not so popular but have struggled and progressed in many areas only with their talent, skills and hard work. Of course, I would like to say that such a person from the Malaysia participating in Big Boss 3 Malayalam - Sandhya Manoj. Sandhya is not a person who have been popular in Malaysia with a glimpse, but the effort of over 21 years through dance, Odissi, yoga and much more. The dedication and commitment towards her passion makes her a professional. She is another motivating example of every ordinary person to create a trust in ourselves that if he have talent & dedication, you will achieve your goal. So it is no surprise to Malaysian expatriates that Sandhya Manoj Big is in big boss 3, at the same time they all are happy and proud to see her on mini screen. At the same time, another fact is that even Indians born and raised in Malaysia are happy to see this kind of things, which is connecting both countries.

Sandhya has become popular in Malaysia not only through her dance or yoga but also by performing almost all the areas of shows conducting in Malaysia like from performing in stage as an artist to conquering stage in the role of Master of Ceremony with full of energy and enthusiasm. Sandhya Manoj, who clung to Indian art forms and culture and brought it to the maximum number of people in Malaysia. The same attitude she continuing in Big boss now. I met Sandhya Manoj personally at Mentalist Aathi's show conducted by them at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With lots of love from myself and also Malaysian Diaries friends, wishing all the success for a great time in Big Boss 3 platform❤️

Let her win the title and win thousands of hearts.


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