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First Day in Malaysia..! Exp-Malaysia Part #8

Updated: Jan 1

Most people arriving Malaysia during early in the morning. So the first thing we need to pay attention before arrival is the checking time in hotels. Some people book a day in advance as they can only check-in the hotel by 2PM only or some will look for a homestay on the first day to refresh after the long journey and later they vacate the homestay and move to hotel at evening. Many people use to say that they no need to be fresh in the morning itself, but after a minimum of 7-8 hours journey (including 4 hours of flight), if you not refreshing yourselves, the first day journey will be exhausted. Once arrived itself get yourselves refreshed and let's hit a city tour next. (Travel fatigue can be replaced by sitting, watching and enjoying the city view and daily life of people in Malaysian city) This is an tour program that takes us all around the city in a car or van (according to number of people can decide).

If you have good guide or driver, then along with the city tour you can have a fun filled trip with so much of information's, stories etc.

Knowledge is confidence.. Knowledge is Power📌 *Generally the city tour is 3-4 hours.

*The main attractions are the KL Tower, National Palace, national mosque, museum, Datran Merdeka, Little India, Petaling Street (China town) and the Central Market.

Along with this you can see all the mosques, temples and churches.

The truth is that you can have fun if you have experience and plan ahead. So feel free to see the city tour and come back to the hotel to freshen up.

MD Photo Clicks:

Picture: Merdeka Square, King's Palace, Petronas Twin Tower

MD Note The Point:-📌 Travel:- Taxi

Let's move to top of KL Tower next...! Our MD journey will continue✈️🇲🇾 Comment on your experiences and doubts.

"Your today's experience going to be valuable knowledge for someone"

Visualization of our journey

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