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To The Top of KL Tower - Exp Malaysia Part 9

Most of the tourist considering that standing at 1381 feet high, top of the KL tower as a symbol of Malaysian visit. This is the next destination for us after our city tour.

Picture: Taken by Arun Mathew.

It takes just 54 seconds to reach the top of the 360 ​​degree rotating tower. In addition to the observation deck, the tower also has the facility to stand on a room which is built completely in glass (ticket price is higher).*

The nightmare experience had for my height phobia friends but others enjoyed to the core.

I personally consider/suggest to get into top of KL tower rather than twin tower because when you are taking the photo from top of KL tower as shown below the attraction add on beauty as the awesome Petronas Twin Towers will be in background with glowing lights. In short, one of the best picture/memories you could have get for today's trending Instagram and Facebook👍

MD Photo Spots:👇🏻Clicks for memories📸

Click your awesome memories not only for social media status but also as a treasure for your life❤️

Whereever you around in KL, you can see this 7th Largest tower in the world :

Now just take a look at the top view in 60 seconds:

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is Power..📌

*Construction completed on 1st March 1995.

*Total height including it's antenna is 421 meters.

*Around 50,000 cubic meters of concrete poured for continually 31hours which setup a new record in the world famous Malaysian construction industry.

*360 degree revolving restaurant at the top of the tower.

In order to avoid last minute rush for ticket, you should book in advance. Therefore, those who are not on the tour package should book in advance. For any enquiry or help, message me @

So after seeing the KL tower go back to your hotel and relax. Our journey will continue tomorrow morning.

MD - Note the point:-📌 Travel:- Grab Online Taxi / Taxi Location: Jalan.P.Ramalee

*Ticket Price:👇

Observation Deck - 69 MYR

Sky Deck - 99 MYR

Special discount for senior citizen and kids.

Nearby Attractions:-📌

*Petronas Twin Tower

*Bukit Bintang

*Pasar Seni (China Town, Central Market)

--Shopping (WIP - Will update soon)

--Food Option - (WIP - Will update soon)

--Currency Exchange (WIP - Will update soon)

Last but not least:📌

Don't forget to spend sometime with a relaxed mindset to feel the beats of this place at least for 10 minutes ❤️

Pic: MD Feel The Moment❤️

"Along with pausing for photos in-front of photo spots, pause the beauty of the place in-front of your eyes like this to feel it yourselves to bring it to your heart as a memory forever."

Our MD journey will continue✈

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Visualization of our journey👇


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