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Thean Hou Temple - Day 3 Morning in Malaysia

Today we are going to one of the beautiful Chinese temple in Malaysia - Thean Hou Temple⛩️

Picture: Outside view of Thean Hou Temple. Taken by Arun Mathew.

There are some people who skipping this temple as an exception to this after visiting the Chin Swee Temple in Genting Highlands. Similarly you can see various Chinese temples all over Malaysia but today we are going to visit one of the oldest and largest Chinese temples in Southeast Asia. The temple is 100% guaranteed to give you a china feel. It has a serene atmosphere in the mornings and can see many couples sitting over there in a relaxed mood.

MD - Photo Spots: Click for memories👇🏻

Click your awesome memories not only for social media status but also as a treasure for your life❤️

Picture (From right to left): Inside temple, Romantic garden outside temple, Beautiful landscaping with flowers inside temple.

"FaSt" - Facts & Stories...!

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is power📌 *The temple is located in 6 floors with an area of ​​1.67 acres. *The temple was built in 1987 and in 1989 officially opened. *We can see the statue of 12 animals of Chinese belief over there. *Chinese New Year is the most important festival celebration here. It will comes normally either January or February. #shorts (WIP)

MD - Note The Point📌 **Location: Taman Persiaran Desa, Kuala Lumpur **How to reach: Car (Taxi / Online Taxi) **It is advisable to visit temple during morning time as it will be very hot in the afternoon and also it will be difficult to climb. **There are shops to buy food, groceries and souvenir at the ground floor. Nearby Attractions📌 **Mid Valley Shopping Mall (3.3KM) **KL Sentral (2.9KM) **Brickfields - Little India (2.2KM) **Shopping (WIP)

**Food (WIP)

**Money changer (WIP)

📸📸📸 (WIP)

Last but not least:📌

Don't forget to sit with a relaxed mind-set to feel the beats of this place for at least 10 minutes ❤️

"Along with pausing for photos in-front of photo spots, pause the beauty of the place in-front of your eyes like this to feel it yourselves to bring it to your heart as a memory forever."

Our MD journey will continue

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*Don't forget to share your experience once you visited this place and it will be great if you can add-on information from your own experience, as your today's experience is going to be valuable knowledge for someone else.❤️

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Visualization of our journey👇(Video 2018)

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