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Travel to Malaysia in Malindo Airlines - Malindo Airlines Review

Updated: Jan 1

You can now see and experience a little more difference in Malindo from the experience you just got on Airasia (see the previous post ‌to see airasia). You can now see and experience a few more variations in Malindo.

Picture: Malindo Airlines Let me tell you some good things over here. --My mother and father, who found it difficult to set foot in Airasia, sat comfortably here. (Leg space was pretty satisfying👌🏻) --A small touch screen TV on the back of every seat really adding entertainment for your 4 hours journey. You can watch movies, songs and cartoons in it. Let's try to see some hurdles --Malindo is always a little more expensive than the Airasia flight ticket price. (Because you can see the add on facilities from the above)

Once you are already in flight, you should visit our website once again to comment below the real experience. If there are people who are planning to visit Malaysia or those who are ready to travel Malaysia through my fantasy world of stories, please comment below... Our MD journey will continue ... Comment on your doubts and experiences. "Your experiences are going to be valuable knowledge for someone else". Visualization of our journey👇

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