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Travel to Malaysia in Malindo Airlines - Malindo Airlines Review

Updated: Jan 14

You can feel a little more better experience in Malindo from the experience you just got from Airasia (see the previous post ‌to see airasia). You can now see and experience a few more variations in Malindo.

Picture: Malindo Airlines taken by AM.

Short quick video👇🏻

Let me tell you some good things over here shared by my subscribers --My mother and father, who found it difficult to set foot in Airasia, sat comfortably here. (Leg space was pretty satisfying👌🏻) --A small touch screen TV on the back of every seat really adding entertainment for your 4 hours journey. You can watch movies, songs, cartoons and even game in it.

--Luggage 20KG along with hand carry.

Let's try to see some other view --Malindo is always a little more expensive than the Airasia flight ticket price. (Because you can see the add on facilities from the above)

Pictures: Taken by AM. Our MD journey will continue✈️

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Visualization of our journey👇

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