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When we enter into stranger’s house in Malaysia🤷🏻‍♂️

Updated: Jan 16

From the Christmas of 2018 onward, I've been familiar with this house ever since I married my Malaysian wife and relocated to Malaysia at the end of 2017. Every Christmas, we make it a tradition to visit this house, enjoying the festive decorations that bring a smile to our faces at zero cost - lol, sounds funny but it's a fact. In 2022, when my video featuring this house went viral in Malaysia, the owner, Mr. Roland, reached out to me via the website link I shared in the video. Touched by the happiness it brought to my 4-year-old boy, he extended an invitation. Although I couldn't make it last year, I'm determined to go this year, bringing along a cake.

The Christmas decorations are undeniably beautiful, creating a positive festive atmosphere. What surprised me, however, was the interior of the house, reminiscent of a European Christmas setting. During our visit, we shared laughter, stories, and had a great time connecting with Mr. Roland and his family. Beyond the charming decorations seen in the video, I discovered something even more beautiful – their pure hearts and strong ethics. There's much more to discuss on our show, and perhaps in the future, I'll have the opportunity to have a conversation with them.

As we left the house, both of us were filled with a genuine sense of Christmas spirit. We often describe beautiful things as Christmas, and witnessing the Christmas house adds an extra layer of joy. Inspired by this experience, I've made a couple of decisions:

1. Next Christmas, I plan to visit with our son, Apple Boy, on the carol day. I'll capture a video if they're open to it, or else I'll share the experience through my boring story telling😉.

2. Motivated by the positive impact of the Christmas house, I've decided to create a Christmas-themed house in Kerala. Much like Mr. Roland drew inspiration from his ex-driver's Diwali decorations, I aim to spread positivity to others through festive lights and decorations.

Short Video👇🏻

Full Video👇🏻

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