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Genting Highlands - Day 2 in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 25

Our next trip is to the hill station which is also one of my favorite place in Malaysia - Genting Highlands.

Picture: From Skyway cable car by AM.

I would say Genting as the world of chilling super cool climate along with eye refreshing greenery in Malaysia. To make it a happening world there do have large number of restaurants, casinos, indoor park, wild variety of shopping areas, skyway cable car and much more. Even some people use to stay here for one day. Genting Highlands is a place where people, songs and games come alive 24 hours a day. The outdoor park is now ready after restructuring from 2013 onwards to make it to one of the best in the world a kind of Disney world they say. One of the best parks in Asia.

World’s Largest Hotel Video in 60 Seconds

One thing I realized and wanted to tell you in advance is that this place is going to be a place where your pocket going to be empty :), due to the expensive and wide range of options available over there. But don't worry, if you choose only what you really like and even food also should choose with a motto of 'Sharing is Caring', then mark my word your trip and holidays will be a remarkable memory of your life. That's our supercool Hi-Fi city. It's biggest attraction is the cable car (skyway) ride to the top of the hill & return. The 10-15 minute journey will definitely be an unforgettable experience in you life.

Another attraction of genting👇🏻❤️

Although we can take a bus till the skyway area, I prefer car ride if you are going along with your family to take some stops in between to have some beautiful pictures too. It will be good to spend at least 5-8 hours of time at the top of the hill. It's a loss if you didn't visit the Chin Swee Temple (Chinese Temple) along the way.

After enjoying Genting hill top, our next tour plan is to visit the beautiful Chinese temple.

Picture: Chin Swee Temple taken by AM. (Details on next blog)

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is Power📌

*Genting Highlands established by late Chinese businessman Lim Goh Tong

*The temperature in GH during day time will be around 15-22 degree & night it could drop to 12.

*Genting "First World Hotel" is the hotel with largest number of rooms in the world (7531 room - 7 hotels).

MD Photo Spots:👇🏻 Insta Spots📸

Click your awesome memories not only for social media status but also as a treasure for your life❤️

Pictures: Indoor park at Genting Highlands taken by AM.

MD - Note The Point📌 Location: Genting highlands, Pahang

How to reach: Taxi, Bus (From KL Sentral) Travel cost: Taxi 300-400RM, Bus- 20RM (Per head-Two side)

Nearby Attractions / Facilities: *Chin Swee Temple

*Strawberry Park

*Shopping (WIP)

*Food (WIP)

*Money Changer (WIP)

Last but not least:📌MD Bonus Tip

Don't forget to sit with a relaxed mindset to feel the beats of this place at least for 10 minutes ❤️

"While pausing for photos at designated spots, also take a moment to absorb the beauty of the place directly in front of you. Allow it to resonate with you, creating a lasting memory in your heart".

Our MD journey will continue✈

So, what are you waiting for..?

Contact me for a customized & comfortable trip with a brotherhood 🤜🏻🤛🏻 feeling in Malaysia.

Message me for any tour assistance.👇🏻

"Travel together to create memories" - Malaysian Diaries ❤️

Don’t forget to "share" this article with your traveling partner with whom you wish to explore this place🌏✈️ & also in social media to reach this cool post to your friends & family circle in order to motivate this “Super Cool Mathai” too😀.

Otherwise, my desire, effort & crazy dream of bringing this information to you will turn into a failure🤞🏻

Like someone said, "If the intention is good, the goal will be achieved - Karma is boomerang" Visualization of our journey below:

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