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Visa Free - Checklist for India to Malaysia Trip | Malaysia travel tips | Things to know before travel

Updated: Feb 1

As I start crafting this post, Malaysia's world-renowned tourism has hit rock bottom all due to COVID-19 (April 2021 - but I'll keep this post updated in the future).

But rather than dwelling on today's crisis, I eagerly anticipate the return of the good old days in the near future.

UPDATE: Malaysia has announced visa-free entry for Indians until December 31, 2024.

Let's start - Trip With Malaysian Diary❤️

What is Malaysian Diary / Arun Mathai going to do...???

Passion: Instilling confidence in every ordinary person to soar high👍🏻 and assisting in creating your best memories in Malaysia, Singapore and India, tailored to your preferences.

I'm launching my blog, drawing from my experiences over the past few years, stories shared by my wife (Malaysian), information gathered through numerous visits to each place for an in-depth understanding of the culture, and now, keeping up with the latest updates through my contacts.

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Let's start our journey with some local music..❤️

Before starting, let me share you the checklist for you to travel. Must follow this👍🏻

MD - Note The Point📌📌📌


1. Passport‌ with 6 months validity

2. Flight Tickets (to Malaysia and return)

3. Hotel booking confirmation for accommodation in Malaysia or else invitation letter with sponsor details (Letter with sponsor passport copy and visa copy along with tenancy agreement copy)

4. Fill-up MDAC (Malaysia Digital Arrival Card - three days prior to arrival)

5. Show money - For you to spend in Malaysia. (It's vary for family and individual - Message me for more info.)

For any clarification or tour assistance: message me👉🏻

With all this at your disposal, there's no need to worry about anything else. Everything and anything you might need is readily available in Malaysia.👍🏻

Tips To Fly: ✈️

*Ensure your hand carry is limited to 7kg as exceeding it by just one kilogram can cost around 1500 Rs. Always double-check the weight and confirm if you have any additional luggage, especially when flying with AirAsia, it includes hand carry only, additional luggage need to take separately.

*Keep in mind that hand carry allowances restrict liquids to containers of 100ml or less.

*For those planning to have dinner in-flight, it's advisable to pre-book to enjoy a 20% discount on the meals.

*If you possess a credit/debit card offering airport lounge access, take advantage of the free amenities, including unlimited food, drinks, and a comfortable resting place.

*Be mindful of your flight timing. For instance, if your AirAsia flight is on May 16 at 00:20, plan to be at the airport on the night of the 15th. Many people face issues with this timing, so exercise caution to avoid missing your flight.


Consider purchasing a SIM card at the Malaysian airport, typically costing around 30 ringgit, offering unlimited internet and calls for a week. Note that if you have a tour package, they often provide a SIM card as part of the package.

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Our MD journey will continue✈️

So, what are you waiting for..?

Contact me for a customized & comfortable trip with a brotherhood feeling in Malaysia🤜🏻🤛🏻 .

📲Message me for any tour assistance.

📌Copy below link & thank me later😀📌

📝Very useful travel tips for travelers👇🏻

"Travel together to create memories" - Malaysian Diaries ❤️

Don’t forget to "share" this article with your traveling partner with whom you wish to explore this place🌏✈️ & also in social media to reach this cool post to your friends & family circle in order to motivate this “Super Cool Mathai” too😀.

"If the intention is good, the goal will be achieved - Karma is boomerang"

Visualization of our journey👇

Complete travel experience with tips. (Malayalam language)

Checklist details explanation (Malayalam language)

India to Malaysia travel tips - checklist (English)

For any kind of help, travel assistance, feel free to ping me - Malaysian Diaries Mathai" ready to fly to your aid.

With ❤️ Minnal Mathai😉

Drawing: Artist Asad (My buddy - Contact if you need caricature, drawings or creative posters - We A2 Creatives, my partnership business with my buddy.

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