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Mango Meadows - World's 1st Agricultural Theme Park

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

It's a Heaven for nature lovers... A world of fun filled activities with mind relaxing sounds and coolness of nature.

Picture: AM @ Mango Meadows

The tag line itself says everything, world's first agricultural theme park. A world of plants, fruits, species, fun filled park and much more to explore. People who are connected with nature will definitely enjoy this experience to the core. They won't feel like stepping out of it once you start exploring mango meadows because it's the place of peacefulness perfect harmony with nature. It's a man made forest with so much of wonders inside❤️

Take a look at Mango meadows in 60 seconds👇🏻through MD eyes.

MD Photo Spots: Click for memories📌

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FaSt - "Facts & Stories"

(Knowledge gives us power, knowledge is confidence. So let's listen to some quick key points to know more about Mango Meadows before & while visiting)

*The entire property own by Kurian.

*World's first agricultural theme park

*30 acres of land with over 4500 species of plants & tress.

*16 cottages for accommodation

* Activities like fishing, fish feeding, water wheel, pottery experience, traditional boat experience, coconut climbing, chinese fishing net experience (selected time only), bird watching, butterfly survey, cycling, shikara boating, pedal boating, kotta Vanji boating, swimming pool, farm and lots of interesting hot spots.

MD - Note The Point:📌

**How to reach: Taxi (Car, Bus, Van)

Nearby Attractions:

**Kaanthari Kadavu

**Kaduthuruthy Maha Deva Temple

**Kumarakom House Boating

MD exploring mango meadows👇🏻

Our MD journey will continue✈

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Content Creator: Arun Mathew - Malaysian Diary

Proof Reading: Anu.P.Mathew

Video Participants: Kusumam, Jaswinni, Anu, Aman, Tivaaan


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