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Malayalam speaking competition in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Malayalam speaking competition in Malaysia

You will be wondering to see a Malayalam speaking competition that too in a country like Malaysia ?? Aren't all those who went as expatriates proficient in Malayalam, do we need another competition? This will be the question that is on your mind right now. But this is a tough competition for the Keralites in Malaysia, let me tell you what. As Malaysian Malayalees, it's not just expatriate Malayalees who came to Malaysia to work and do business. There is only one race in Malaysia. Malayalees who have been living in Malaysia for four or five generations, from their grandparents or great-grandparents. All the first generations was able to write and speak Malayalam well, but as each generation passed, they moved away from Malayalam. It was not out of dislike for Malayalam, but Malay, the main language of Malaysia and after that every Malayalee had the opportunity to speak Malayalam only after English and Tamil, which are spoken mostly by everyone in Malaysia. The Malayalees here did not get a chance to speak Malayalam same as we are not getting a chance to speak Hindi in our country. But when you look at the people who speak Malayalam well, who speak English well, who understand Tamil very well and along with this when they trying to learn to speak Malayalam, listen and know stories, it can be said that they love Malayalam a lot.

That was the time when my friend Dr. Dinesh who is Malaysian citizen said that a Malayalam speaking competition called Ente Malayalam is being conducting in Malaysia and ask me to be a part of it. It was immediately shared everywhere, including our Facebook and WhatsApp group. Then the match went well. The video of the participants was posted on their YouTube channel. And invited me to put a review comment as well. Even though there was not at all a mandatory or useful thing to learn Malayalam, I was very happy to see people speaking in Malayalam in this competition with full of energy. And later they invited me as MC to the final of this competition. Where 8 finalist included. Anyway I joined them and happily and with full of joy. I remember in the past, even though as a joke I use to say that I wanted to be MC in Malaysia too. It happened through through the Malayalam program 'Ente Malayalam', which was really a sweet memory for me. However, I always believe that, any dream can be achieved if the intention is good. Right? Comment, opinion or add on information and don't forget to share your this article to you dear ones❤️✌️🙏

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