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Little India in Singapore

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

What is this place..?

Little India is a treasure trove of Indian offerings, from traditional attire and delectable cuisine to a wide array of groceries, exquisite jewelry, and enchanting temples. Here, you'll discover a world of Indian culture and goods waiting to be explored.

Exploring Little India in Singapore is a treat for the senses. Upon exiting Little India MRT station, my first instinct was to take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant streets, immersing myself in the Indian-inspired architecture, shops, and the overall atmosphere of this charming enclave. It's a place where you can simply wander, absorb the surroundings, and capture some memorable moments.

Now let’s take a short tour visit in less than 60 seconds. Here you go…

MD Photo spots: Click for Memories

Click your awesome memories not only for social media status but also as a treasure for your life❤️

"FaSt" - Facts & Stories

Knowledge gives us confidence. Knowledge is power📌 So let’s listen to some interesting facts about this place in short.

* Place where we get Indian stuffs in Singapore.

*Shopping in Mustafa Center is available 24/7.

*Indian jewellery, food shops all available.

*Most happening during deepavali.


MD - Note The Point:📌

Location: Little India, Singapore

How to reach: MRT / Bus / Taxi

Nearby Attractions / Facilities:📌

Place: Buggis Junction (Buggis street, Arab street, Victoria street etc)

Last but not least:📌 MD Bonus Tip😉

Don't forget to sit with a relaxed mind-set to feel the beats of this place for at least 10 minutes ❤️


"Along with pausing for photos in-front of photo spots, pause the beauty of the place in-front of your eyes like this to feel it yourselves to bring it to your heart as a memory forever."

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Our MD journey will continue✈

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