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Pandemic Survival Period Malaysia - Part 2

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

By April 2020, the MCO or closure was long gone and people were running out of cash. The new stage CMCO (Conditional moment control order) announced on May 4th. Working with restrictions is the new stage for the business to move forward by accepting a new lifestyle with mask, sanitizer and social distancing mandatory. Online booking in advance before going any government office, scan through government mobile application (mysejahtera) or write in the log book name, phone number, temperature before entering the premise. So the law for anything and everything and heavy fines if violated.

Everyone was very happy when the case came down to two digits and slowly two one digit. People confirmed that Malaysia already overcome covid. Slowly everyone started coming down as if there was no more fear. An incident called Kovid began to be forgotten by all. With that, everything started step-by-step, including local tourism. World-famous KL Tower open-up with a 50% discount on free tickets and free tickets. Permission to trek and exercise in the park without a mask. So while life was going on, a man from India broke the quarantine at home and at the same time another Malaysian woman. Through this, Kovid affected a number of people. He was jailed and fined about Rs. 2 lakh (12k MYR). Yet it caused a huge headache in Malaysia. As the number of cases in India increased, Malaysia was banned from coming to India. The ban was later lifted, but was approved by the Malaysian government. But by the end of 2020 and 2021, most people will not have received the approval. Hence huge number of people stuck with frustration and kind of depression as many couples are staying away past 2-3 years. Some family got baby but unlucky father force to see his own blood through video call, some people marriage has been fixed more than 2 years back and eagerly waiting for a chance to go and complete their family. In between some people resign job and left Malaysia. The Covid vaccine arrived in Malaysia on February 21 and hopes were dashed when public began vaccinating on February 26. The minister also said that those who get vaccinated will be able to a digital vaccine certificate. The government has announced that in the first phase, vaccinations will be given to front liners, then to senior citizens and then to remaining entire public from May to February 2022. Along with this came the news that the world famous Genting Highlands Park will finally reopen after years of renovation. The Malaysian Diary is awaiting along with everyone, hoping that by third quarter all local tourism, including Genting Park will begin and flights will start running by end of this year 2021 ❤️🙏🤞

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