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Kwai Chai Hong - Most instagram-able spot in KL

Updated: Jan 25

Picture: Entrance bridge of Kwai Chai Hong. Taken by Arun Mathew

What is this place..?

This place has undergone a splendid renovation, preserving its heritage charm and transporting visitors back to the olden days. While some might draw parallels to China Town, in my perspective, it surpasses it, especially in terms of ambiance and nighttime photo opportunities. Vibrant buildings, captivating wall paintings, and hanging lanterns are among the standout features. Don't forget to indulge in the famous ice cream if you visit during the daytime.

Let's feel the place in less than 60 seconds:👇🏻

"FaSt" - Facts & Stories in short

📌Happening street till mid night.

📌Local street hence it's good to explore like a local.

📌More suitable for people who enjoy night life or city life.

📌Walkable distance from China town.

MD : Photo spot - Click for memories

MD - Note The Point📌📌📌

📎Location: Kwai Chai Hong, Pasar Sani, Kuala Lumpur

📎How to reach: Walkable distance from Pasar Sani MRT, LRT, Bus / By Car

📎Disadvantage - Parking


Our MD journey will continue✈️

So, what are you waiting for..?

Contact me for a customized & comfortable trip with a brotherhood feeling in Malaysia🤜🏻🤛🏻 .

📲Message me for any tour assistance.

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📝Very useful travel tips for travelers👇🏻

"Travel together to create memories" - Malaysian Diaries ❤️

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