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India to Malaysia - Malaysia travel tips | Things to know before Malaysia trip | Travel with MD

Updated: Feb 1

As I begin to write this post, the world famous tourism in Malaysia is literally round zero due to covid. But instead of going crazy by thinking about today's crisis, I'm looking forward for the good olden days to come back in a short span of time.

I'm starting here my stories for you to bring you to visit and explore Malaysia - Truly Asia. As you reading this now, please leave a comment below in comment section and also don't forget to like and share to those people who might love this kind of information.

Otherwise, my desire, effort and dream of bringing Malaysia to you will turn into a failure....

"If the intention is good, the goal will be achieved"

"Karma is boomerang"

PN:- Don't read this as a travel note or travel guide tips. While going through each line in our Malaysian diary website, you should imagine, feel that you are traveling along with me." - Trip With Malaysian Diary❤️ 🇲🇾

What is Malaysian Diary / Arun Mathai going to do...???

Here I'm starting my write-up blog through the experiences I had past few years, through the stories I heard, information I collected by spending so much of my time by sitting over there and walking around these places many times to know the places, culture in deep. Any ordinary person who never fly before gonna fly to Malaysia because you are already in Malaysian Diary... ✌🏻️ I'm damn sure that here you are going to attain 100% confidence for exploring Malaysia because it's kind of my crazy dream too.🤞🏻

You have reached right here at Malaysian Diary to go to a place where everyone wants to go. The name of the person who is going to take you is Arun Mathai. 😀 Let's go my dear buddies ..

Before the trip starting, let me tell you something as basic tip but most important things for travel too..!

MD - Note The Point📌

Do not forget the following:

1. Passport‌

2. Malaysia Visa

3. Flight Tickets (to Malaysia and return)

4. Hotel booking confirmation for accommodation in Malaysia

5. Cash to be spent

If you have all this with you, no need to worry about anything else. No matter what you forget other than this, there is nothing that is not available in Malaysia. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. Everything is in the pages of the Malaysian Diary book (website) and in the YouTube videos. If still need any help, then you can Ping me while you planing your trip itself - Mathai also so called Malaysian "Dinkan" will fly to you😉. "Malaysian diary will be with you, not as a confidence, but as an arrogance for your trip to finish it with maximum exploring ideas" .😉 So, let's get into our flight✈️ Our MD journey will continue🇲🇾 Comment below your doubts and also experiences. "Your experiences are going to be valuable knowledge for someone else". Visualization of our journey👇

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