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Father of House - House Husband

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Housewife - Like our Dharmajan Bolgatti saying in the movie, wife house or house wife is a common word we use to listen as well as talk. Taking care of household chores or most importantly the children's chores and sitting at home seems to an easy task. Right? But I would rather say that as one of the robotic, pressurizing job ever - By a lazy man or househusband who stays at home for 6 months looking after his own child.😎 Those who have experienced something have the right to tell their experience, right?? And I am a person who always respects it and a person who likes to hear more real life experience story. So I am sharing my story too.

A big job or position I unexpectedly got in Malaysia - househusband or housefather. Like housewives, there is no running around in the kitchen by getting up every morning. But life was fully in sitting around looking at our own son day and night. Each time sleeping and waking up. She was not able to breast feed like every working mother as because it's time I'm out of work and his mother or my wife Jaswinni start working after 45 days from delivery. Then the milk should be pumped as everyone does and then given in bottles. The milk should also be kept in the freezer, as well as take it before junior gets hungry and slowly pour a little warm water in the normal water. Then put the bottle in it and let it cool. Then after 4-5 minutes will take and feed him. A routine in every 2 hours. After giving milk, will put him on my shoulder and slowly knocking off all the gas bubbles, then he will go back to sleep. But then we need to clear his bottles too.

While getting this 1-2 hours gap, I tried to wash clothes and even sweep floor (at least our junior's room). But another fact is that I can't wash all the bottles. It should be at least 8-10 bottles till night. Those unwashed bottles all little will wash, when I can I will also do my best. But my main focus was on milk bottles, as it should be super clean each time after drinking milk to make sure apple small stomach won't get hurt with any bacteria. So after drinking milk, faster I will wash his milk bottle for sure. Even though milk storage bottle cannot. There is another important reason why it is not possible to wash the milk storage bottles. When he is awake, I will sit with him and tell him the stories. Every day when she go to work at 5.40 in the morning, we both use to have 2-3 hours of storytelling and our own songs (video is given below). No matter what I say, he started replying in his own language. When I wake him up with a smile, a smile will appear on his face too. That's enough to give us energy to make everything looks as beautiful as a dream.

There was a lot of sleepless nights. I will never forget the day I woke up one morning and had to stay awake until 11am the next morning, more than 24hrs. I started singing and moaning tiredly. Even tears came out, but when I look at him, his smile gave me strength, make me super dad (that's why I feel each lady is super mom). And sometime I will tell him, you are my blood, so nothing to wonder that you are awake 24hours and if you are not going to sleep, I won't sleep too. (haha.. Sometime I changed my attitude from a father to a buddy)

As I am not at all good in cooking, I even don't know what to cook and eat in this short gaps. So use to drink Milo hot, which is what I see as Malaysia's national drink ;) lol. Eventually my food for the day shortened to one time that too once little cook after coming from office. I was looking to share as many jobs as possible because I saw she struggled a lot to manage house work after coming from office. It's not as simple as that🙏. That too for a lazy guy like me to do house work. But still we had lack of time even if my full day and her half day fully spending for him, that too without a television or Wifi internet. It's a truth that I haven't follow my favorite hobbies/areas like cinema, sports, politics for a period of 8-9 months. When I discuss various topics especially with my friend josy, I was stuck in telling stories as for me past few months in these areas are completely blank. But we were happy for the care we able to give to our little one because all his things were going well. After all, family is family. This was an unforgettable and biggest experience in my life which even I added to my CV. Only respect to every woman who looks after the whole house with me, including my mother, wife and sisters. You all drive an event. 🙏 വേറെ ലെവൽ 🔥❤️👨‍👩‍👧

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