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Airasia - Real Travel Experience

Updated: Jan 16

So we are in 'Airasia'. While entering the flight itself, there will be gorgeous beautiful ladies & handsome gents will be waiting to greet us with a big smile.

Pros & Cons📌 *Most flights with a lot of seats. *We have often seen flights which looks like absolutely new. *Flight take-off and landing all without causing us any trouble. *All food and beverages are available (not free due to budget flight). *Although I like the flight a lot, when my family came to travel, they had some difficulty in stretching their legs, especially when I saw my mother with knee pain trying to adjust without saying openly to me. The moment I realized that the leg space was very limited. *There will be no song or movie. This is because there are no facilities like TV screen in front of the seat. *Seat‌ could move slightly backward. In short, there is no chance of having a semi-sleeper style to sleep comfortably.

If there are people who are planning to visit Malaysia or those who are ready to travel Malaysia through my fantasy world of stories, please comment below... Our MD journey will continue✈️

So, what are you waiting for..?

Contact me for a customized & comfortable trip with a brotherhood feeling in Malaysia🤜🏻🤛🏻 .

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"Travel together to create memories" - Malaysian Diaries ❤️

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Visualization of our journey👇

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