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City of Hotels - Kuala Lumpur #6

Hotels Kuala Lumpur is one of the most available things you can see in Malaysia. 📸📸📸WIP

There are a lot of hotels ranging from just 20-40RM a day in the dormitory / capsule to 300-500, all with tourist accommodation. It is said that there are about 2000 accommodation places including homestays.

It is a fact that you can enjoy, relax the tour peacefully without any confusion, if you have an idea about the hotel / homestay you are going to stay in Malaysia before you arrive itself. If you want a detailed review of the hotel / homestay, leave a comment below. If you are really interested to see about hotels in detail, we will try to do hotel tours in Malaysia once the current situation turn normal.🤞 A short tour video through hotels in KL👇

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