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Arrival at Malaysian Airport

Updated: Jan 15

Now we arrived at one of the awesome airport in the world - Malaysia.

There is a considerable distance to walk from the flight to the immigration point for clearance. Along the way, you'll find restrooms for a quick refresh. Following this, we'll reach the immigration counter. Present your passport, hotel confirmation, visa, and return ticket to the officer. After verifying our documents, they will stamp our passport indicating our arrival in Malaysia. Yes. You have officially arrived in Malaysia Welcome To Malaysia...... 😍✌️🇲🇾 #Video

Next we walk for our collection of bags. Each flight will have a belt number as shown below which will have the bags of the particular flight travelers. 📸 By looking at the TV screen over there, we can make sure whether it's our flight or not and once you confirmed we need to wait for our bags to come one-by-one. When our bag arrives, take it out and put it in the trolley. On the way, the bags will be scanned by the police brothers at our Malaysian airport. After moving a bit you can see a lot of people waiting at the airport gate. 📸 So we set foot on Malaysian soil officially. Let’s take a look around with a smiling face. And also it's the place where you can take a selfie with status "check-in at Malaysian KLIA International Airport. #Video

Our MD journey will continue✈️

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