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Airport to Malaysian City 🇲🇾 #5

So let's continue our trip from airport to Malaysian city. All we have to do is to catch a bus/taxi and go to a Malaysian city. 📸 For this, we must first take a lift or escalator to the lowest level of the airport. At the bottom you will see some counters. Tickets for buses and airport taxis are available here. 📸

MD Pin Points📌

Bus fare to KL - 12RM*

Taxi fare around 80-100RM.

For online taxi 85-95RM**. If you are coming in a tour package, then your tour guide will receive you from the moment you exit from immigration where to weave gigantic memories of Malaysia on your holidays with a smiling face. #video

Whichever way you leave the airport, one thing is for sure, the travel from airport to city will be a refreshing one for you. To the Malaysian city that so called the cultivation of buildings. Our MD journey will continue✈️🇲🇾 Leave your experiences and doubts in the comments. "Your experience are going to be valuable knowledge for someone else" Visualization of our journey👇

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